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 Inspired with hopes of enlightening & encouraging both women  & men to practice safe and natural tanning. Our ultimate goal is to help others feel sexy, confident & good about themselves through the art of natural airbrush tanning. Couture Tan has left its mark and is setting new standards for safe UV-Free Airbrush Tanning.   Each tan is custom to help set a natural glow to ensure that you walk out the salon with flawless tan each time.

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If  you are not satisfied with your Tan please contact us within 48 hours to fix or we can re-do at no cost to you.


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Recommend that you shave & exfoliate the day before. Only use water based exfoliant/polish. Oil based scrubs & soaps should be avoided. The day of your appointment do not wear any moisturizers or oil on your skin. 

Please schedule waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures before your appointment. 


Avoid showering or sweating for time advised after your appointment. Daily maintenance is a must. Daily recommended moisturizers must be used. Being moisturized will not only extend the longevity of your tan, but your tan will also fade evenly. It’s best to avoid chlorinated pools, spas, & steam rooms unless you use a south seas tan extender after. 


This depends on several factors including your skin type, physical activity & aftercare. Your tan should last minimum of a week, and has the potential to last as long as two weeks. To increase the longevity of your tan, we highly recommend an all natural paraben-free moisturizer or a daily tan extender.  

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We ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

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